Timothy Cape

Guide to the Alphabet. 2023. radio work
Still Drowsy. 2022. Opera - Soprano, 3 percussion, coffee machine
Zany History. 2022. Four voices, Sax, Synth, Percussion, Viola
Edika Liiko. 2021. solo for violin and voice
Smashing the Natural Law. 2021. violin, viola, cello, horn, two voices
Sorry for the Late Reply. 2021. percussion and video
Make your admin noisy as hell. 2018, ongoing. Video, performances, workshops
The Poisoned Glen. 2019. Violin and Tin Whistle
Sugar Cage. 2019. Solo performer and video
Already There. 2018. solo for voice and objects
This is the soup I am making for you. December 2017. Audio work
You keep me thinking straight. 2017. Collaboration with Bastard Assignments & Mocrep
User Profile. 2017. Film
Glance. Feb '17. Piano
Worker portraits 1.0. . Spitalfields Music: Open Call commission 2016
Wildflower. 2017. Solo performer and video
No New Ideas. 2016. Improvised monologue and movement, found object sounds
NEED. 2015. Three speaking Cellists
Laugh till it hurts for only £2. 2015. 3 speaking percussionists with homemade bamboo pipes
My My My. 2015. Almost silent music for three listening players.
Favourite Bits. 2014. Harp, Clarinet and Soprano, moving and playing
Finding Kala. 2014. String Ensemble, Britten Pears Commission for Project Instrumental.
Ear Piece. 2014. Audience copying composer rubbing/scratching his ears, and tape
Because that is perceived to be the hardest task. 2014. speaking percussionist on temple blocks
Swing. 2014. Text, Organ, objects
Collector’s Item. 2013. String Quartet
He Said, She Said. 2013. Choir
Overheard. 2013. Clarinet, Percussion, Violin and Piano, all speaking
This Friday. 2013. Voice, Conga, found sounds, loop pedal, audio track
Laughing Stock. 2012. Clarinet, Accordion, Percussion
Gut Bucket. 2011. 14 Musicians. For dance piece
Feeble Beat Machine. 2011. Tenor saxophone and large ensemble
5am my new best friend. 2010. Jazz Quintet