Timothy Cape

Sorry for the Late Reply


for percussion and video.

Composition : Timothy Cape with creative input by Angela Hui Wai Nok
Performance : Angela Hui Wai Nok

Programme note:

I’ve been thinking of productivity anguish as a constant underlying feeling gnawing at the gut of my generation who have been told to “do what you love” only to discover that work has become life, it barely loves us back, and with strings attached. In 2018 I invented the Noisy Admin Machine, a laptop hacked to scream, bang and shriek at every letter of every email, echoing the psychological soundscape of a precarious workforce self-disciplining, putting their minds and feelings to work. For this piece I exploded the sounds of the N.A.M across gesture, video and drums, haunted by my earliest childhood memory of listening to time drift by freely on the ticking kitchen clock.

More about my Noisy Admin Machine here