Timothy Cape


Wildflower came from my experience of walking on the beaches of Donegal, Ireland when home for Christmas. Winter storms and high tides bring rubbish in from its “home” in large floating ocean garbage patches for a brief winter beach visit, before the next high tide brings them out again. The brightly coloured plastic dotted around the landscape gives the effect of turning the beach into a surreal blooming spring meadow. I harvested some of this seasonal produce, brought it home, washed it and used it to make wind chimes which I then put back onto the beach. The film shows this process with a focus on sonic and performative qualities, culminating in a live element from its first showing at Bastard Assignments : New Teeth 4 at Hackney showroom in February ’16.

I made a new version for the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2017, also performed at London Topophobia and RA Lates.

Solo version above. Older, trio version below.