Timothy Cape



“My thirst for you will never end, but I still want to destroy you.”

The performance is a metaphor for society’s current relationship to plastic — a passionate love-hate relationship. Plastic is a convenient and ingenious way for us to sate our needs of hygeine, fast/disposable lifestyle, and consumer fetish — (a packaged product alluringly invites us to undress it after purchase). However we then have to deal with the reality of it never going away / never disintegrating. Its promise of transience and disposability is a lie. Its promise of a cheap and easy one night stand is a lie.

Wildflower came from my experience of walking on the beaches of Donegal, Ireland when home for Christmas. Winter storms and high tides bring rubbish in from its “home” in large floating ocean garbage patches, for a brief winter beach visit before the next high tide brings them out again. The brightly coloured plastic dotted around the landscape gives the effect of turning the beach into a surreal blooming spring meadow. I harvested some of this seasonal produce, brought it home, washed it and used it to make wind chimes which I then put back onto the beach. The performative material in the piece is drawn from the fragments of junk seen on the windchimes.

Performed by Colin Frank, above, and myself, below. Many thanks to Colin for his interest in performing it and the focus, skill and commitment to learn and re-make it for himself.

Performed by me at London Topophobia, HCMF, RA lates, Deptford Cinema. Performed multiple times by Colin.