Timothy Cape

He Said, She Said

For choir.

This piece explores unprepared, personal, reflective monologue as performance.

1 – Compare and contrast your speaking voice with that of a loved one

2 – Describe your speaking voice. How has it changed through time?

3 – How does your experience of speaking in a crowd of voices differ from that of speaking alone in a quiet room?

4 – Whispering, describe the experience of hearing your own voice in your head while speaking, in a dream, or on a recording

Performances :

May 2013 , COMA choir, TrinityLaban

June 2013 , Bastard Assignments scratch choir at The Big Red, Deptford

March 2015 , COMA choir New Shoots concert, St Leonards Church, Shoreditch


He Said, She Said 1He Said, She Said 2